"Anything we do is eighter for better or for worse."

                                                                                                                                                             - F.M.Alexander

Alexander Technique  & Health


The Technique can help you get stronger and have more stamina, become more relaxed, think more clearly and recover from injury more quickly. No matter your age, ability or state of health.

These improvements are the result of improved general functioning, due to leaving out unnecessary tensions adversely affecting the breathing mechanisms, mobility and energy levels. So basically you get better by doing less (than you normally do in your daily activities).



In our own practise, as well as world wide people use the technique successfully to naturely overcome various diseasess and inconveniencess as:

- Back, neck and joint pain.

- Muscle tension and stiffness.

- Poor posture.

- Breathing and vocal problems.

- Anxiety and stress-related cond.


We have been working successfully with people with a wide range of complaints and or whishes for different sorts of improvement:

Professional musicians and performers, conservatory and acting school students as well as amateurs.

Managersscientists (university professors, researchers and students)

Medical people (echoscopists, obstetricions, gynacologist)

Pregnant women (better pregnancy, breathing, back pain)

Medical revalidation after surgical operations -mainly hands and (artificial)knees- and severe stroke.

Disseases as rheumatic arthritis, severe panic disorder,  vascular dementia, depression, severe RSI, burnout, etc.


The Scope of the Teaching


The Alexander Technique is a discipline in the "use" of the self.  As certified teachers we aim to help pupils/students learning to improve their "use".


The Alexander Technique is not a medical intervention. It does not aim to cure medical conditions.  Although we have a reasonable knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology, we are not trained in medicine and do not offer medical diagnosis or treatment or therapy.


Any improvements in medical conditions and general health and well-being associated with learning the Alexander Technique can be considered by-products of an improved use of the self and thereby improved general functioning. With a few exceptions, beneficial outcomes, though achieved in most cases, are not guaranteed to occur.