Sunrise on  'Monte Perdido', August 23 2016, Pyrenees Spain   © Equilibrium

Grietje Hoogenberg

Originally I'm trained as a primary school teacher and I have worked both in the educational and aid field. Later I trained in Body-Mind Integration, which was the beginning of a journey that brought me eventually to the Alexander Technique. In 2010 I graduated at the Alexander Technique training course in Amsterdam (ATCA) and teach since then at Equilibrium and ATCA.

Paul Westerman

I've been teaching the Alexander Technique since 2002. Being interested in movement, I had been studying many movement systems of which Karate, Aikido and Tai Chi were of my main interest. Since 1996 I had been teaching Tai Chi. The Alexander Technique training however, deepened my understanding and gave me the skills to  teach on a different level.


*) We are certified teachers by STAT (Soc. of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) and the NeVLAT (Dutch Soc. of Teachers of the Alexander Technique)