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"You think that the Alexander Technique is a physical thing;  I tell you that it is the most mental thing that's ever been discoverred."


Alexander Technique: What it is not

Health and Posture

People often associate the technique with health and posture.  It is true that the Technique has a considerable positive effect on health and posture.  The objectives of our work are neither health nor posture. In fact many people with excellent health and posture do come to learn the Technique.



The Alexander Technique is not a system of exercises. In fact exercises have unfortunately proven to be counterproductive. The reason is that it is our habitual way of doing things that is causing all the trouble and it is this habitual way we use to do exercises. It is this habitual way that is gradualy changed during the course of the Alexander Technique lessons.

Performing Artists

It is often thought that the AT is something special for musicians or actors.
It is true that the AT is probably best known in those fields and most conservatories have now a day AT teachers incorporated as have some theatre schools. Nevertheless the Technique is by no means meant to be for that or any group in particular. The reason that it is quite well known among musicians is that their work involves a high demand on themselves. It is the recogniton (and the experience) that if they don't take into account their way of handling themselves, they serously enhance the risk for injuries. This is of course also true for other disciplines like surgery or top-sports, etc. An other reason might be that there are quite a few famous artists that have had Alexander Technique lessons e.g. Madonna, John Cleese, Robin Williams, Sting, Paul McCartney, Julie Andrews, Paul Newman, Sir Colin Davis, James Galway , Yehudi Menuhin.