"The ultimate is not to win, but to reach within the depths of your capabilities"

                                                                     - Billy Mills









Alexander Technique:  Sport & Fitness

Health and injury

Sporting and going to the gym are com- mon activity for health and fitness, but the number of sports injuries is rapidly incresing. In Holland 4,7 million in 2014. Many people hurt themselves working out. You don’t have to be doing a high intensity training regime to risk injury. Preventing injury is a key component of any fitness


plan and helping to devellop an awareness of how you use  yourself (on a Body-Mind level) with the Alexander Technique makes a valuable contribution in this area. Itsignificantly reduces the risk of injuries by signalling quite early what might become an injury and knowing what to ‘do’ about it. Even when an injury does have occured, your recovery will be much quicker.



Any sporting activity – running, tennis, golf, skiing, horse riding, football, swimming, etc. – can be enhanced by applying the Alexander Technique. Greater kinaesthetic awareness will help improve your ability monitor the effectiveness of your efforts beyond increased aerobic capacity and the amount of weight resistance you use.


Especially in top sport, performing under pressure is an important subject. This pressure can work for better but also for worse. It all depends on how you are dealing with yourself in that situation (and in many, if not all other situations in life!)