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"In our doing there is overdoing, which

 can become so serious that it practically

 paralyzes the parts we want to work"

                                                           F.M. Alexander

Alexander Technique: Medical

Medical profession

As many medical professions are highly demanding, preventing the occurrence of unnecessary tensions is of far greater importance than is the case with most other professions. It is not simply a matter of just ergonomics. The problem is that if there is overdoing, or more generally formulated malcoordination, things get worse over time.


“anything you do is eighter for better or for worse”



So it's not just a matter of refining to get real improvement. It is about thinking in such a way that an understanding can develop, an understanding and a whish not to interfere. In other words:


"If we stop the wrong from happening, the right will do itself"

F.M. Alexander

Medical Insurance & refer

The so called Alexander Technique lessons are at the moment not covered by any healthcare insurance. The Technique, being neither a conventional, nor a nonconventional or a paramedical treatment, simply doesn't fit in our contemporary healthcare system. In fact the methode is not a treatment at all. It might be best described as a mindful and fundamental form of reeducation. It is preventative in its nature, but has nevertheless, due to its fundamental character, demonstrated to have all sorts of curative 'side effects', of which recently the effectiveness in chronic lowerback- and neckpain treatment has significant scientific proof. 


Free introductory lessons:

To take away the disadvatage of the current healthcare system a bit, we offer free introductory lessons when patients are referenced by medical professionals.

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