"Doing only what is necessary"

- Pablo Casals




Alexander Technique  for musicians

Ease of movement

Trying hard doesn't give the best results. On the contrary, in almost all cases it creates unnecessary tensions. In an Alexander Technique lesson we help you to prevent these extra tensions. You get an experience of more freedom, an experience of a better result by doing les. Then, if you like we can teach you how to get 'in control' of this new freedom. A Freedom which involves a quite different understanding of yourself, of the way you function. 


At an audition you want to show what you can. In order to show this, it is essential that you are creating the conditions that make this possible. You’ll need "stillness in the movement", you need to have (and take!) time, You should watch that your musicality is not taken over by focusing on "technique" and/or the desire to make no mistakes. When you want to make no (as less as possible) mistakes, do not hold your breath, don’t pull your head back and don’t fix. Don’t lift your arms or your instrument, but make sure it is being carried. Make sure that when you are nervous you use it to come into deeper contact with the music.


Stage fright

Stage fright is a normal phenomenon. Whether it is working for better or for worse, depends on how you are dealing with yourself in that situation (and in many, if not all others!)